Edinburgh Shopping

Harvey Nichols
Shoppers who are visiting Edinburg, UK, and who are after high-end products made by designers such as Prada and Gucci will have a fantastic time shopping at Harvey Nichols. Filled with upper-scale clothing, jewelry, cologne, shoes, and authentic Scottish goods, Harvey Nichols' provides various retail goods for people who enjoy the finer things in life. Located on St. Andrew's Square, this store is one of the most recognized fashion houses in Edinburg.

Royal Mile
The Royal Mile in Edinburg is perhaps the most famous shopping and tourist section of the city. Along the Royal Mile, world-famous shops are sprinkled in the midst of beautiful castles, historical landmarks, and renowned museums and city treasures. Items such as hand-made Scottish accessories, designer jewelry, and souvenirs are offered in a large assortment. Restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops are also in abundance along the Royal Mile to provide shoppers and sightseers with plenty of places to relax and rejuvenate.

Just beyond a large, historic castle in Edinburg is the shopping center known as Grassmarket. Grassmarket is the perfect place for people to shop who enjoy quaint village-type atmosphere and a representation of authentic Edinburg wares and goods. Crafted items such as beaded shoes and jewelry, farmer's markets, woven rugs, and hand-made clothing are available in this eclectic and village-influenced shopping district of Edinburg. Cafes and small bistros offer friendly service and delectable cuisine for shoppers who are interested in taking a break from retailing.

Princess Street
Beautiful scenery and historical buildings combined with unique retail stores are available in Edinburg on Princess Street. Princess Street is home to numerous individual shops and department stores and is also the location of Princess Mall in Edinburg. Princess Mall features some of the UK's most popular chain stores and provides a place for shopaholics to indulge in their favorite designer items.

George Street
George Street is an ideal shopping district in Edinburg for shoppers who enjoy high-end items that are hard to find. Rare books, designer dresses and suits, party supplies, and name brand furniture can be discovered along the winding road of George Street. This street also offers beautiful fountains, intimate restaurants, and lively pubs where shoppers can enjoy refreshment in between shopping sprees. George Street is located near Thistle Street and is home to more than one hundred unique and individual retail stores that provide a multitude of retail items for sale.